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Echoes from the Farm


It is so nice to have a visitor. There is much for you to see, hear, and read while exploring this website. Settle in with your favorite hot beverage as I provide a road map for your perusal.

To the right are pictures of book covers. When you click on each cover, a teaser trailer and a tantalizing excerpt awaits. Jonathan is a career educator. His writings offer incites to a broad spectrum of issues in education. He also possesses a mischievous and imaginative mind. This is evident in his fictional tales. To sample a bite, or indulge in a meal, click on the blog link. If listening is your preferred learning style, then access to his podcasts below is the route I suggest.

Do you want to know what Jonathan has been up to? Find the icons for Facebook and YouTube to your left, and let the social media sharing commence. To view his reading preferences go to Goodreads and follow him on BookBub. To learn where he travels, what he enjoys, and who he communes with, go to Instagram or TikTok.

Still hungry for more? Veteran broadcasters nationwide have interviewed Jonathan, and audio is provided below. The about link will share a summary of his life.

Enjoy your visit!

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